Take charge of your cyber-safety.
Use your own creative hints and eliminate memory frustrations.
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Example of your hints ...
True password
Hotel name in front of office, *, our office suite number
Last year Christmas party place, &, ethnic food
Carpet color in office, @, office floor number
Favorite sandwich place, #, sandwich number, !!!
Number of conf rooms, [, big conf room name, ]
Our TV brand, ?, her birth date & his year

Use LoginBooklet's secure dashboard to encrypt, organize and store the hints, not the true passwords. Only you know what the hints mean, and therefore only you will know your real site login names and passwords. Now you can use strong passwords without having to remember them. All you need to do is remember just one master login name and password.

Protecting Internet identities is critical in the Internet age and LoginBooklet helps you to do it right. There is no better solution than LoginBooklet when trusted employees or partners have to share logins among themselves. There is no better solution when you have to travel. There is no better solution for busy business-owners like you.

Try LoginBooklet today Read what other users have told us about their hints. Read more techniques to create password-hints and strong password from well-respected sources.

Triple safe:

  1. Only you know the meaning behind your hints: Personal creative hints mean something only to you and provide an incredible level of privacy.
  2. Your hints are encrypted on your local computer : Hints are encrypted right on your local computer and then, only the unrecognizable gibberish is stored on the server (see How it Works).
  3. Even your master login name is encrypted: We encrypt your master login name also. For example, if your true master login name is "SallyMae", we munge it to something like "-*?-33#-45$23". No one, not even we, know your "true" login name "SallyMae". Like a Swiss bank, your master login name is just some cryptic numbers and characters to us. You get complete anonymity and that means more security for you.

Cyber-safety is essential in the information age.

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"LoginBooklet eases the tension of remembering all my passwords. Now I can have a different password for each different account and not worry about memorizing them all"

Managing multiple passwords is frustrating. So I used simple passwords and then wrote them down on Post-It notes. That made my life easy but made it so easy for others to steal them too. With LoginBooklet, I solved both my problems - protect identity and no memory headaches.