How It Works
You access your LoginBooklet through a secure dashboard . It is not a typical web page. Instead, it is an applet* that does all the number crunching (encryption, decryption) on your own local computer itself.

LoginBooklet main display.

Create a Master Account (one-time activity) using a Master login name and Master password. This is the only login name and password you will need to remember. (See techniques to create unique passwords).

You can change the Master login name as well as password as often as you wish. This adds one more level of security for you.

Login using your Master LoginName and Password.

As soon as you login, your encrypted data, if any, is downloaded from LoginBooklet and decrypted on the local computer.

A typical web site would do the encryption and decryption on the server and copy the data in clear text. LoginBooklet is different. All encryption and decryption happens entirely on your own local computer. All your data on the server is always in encrypted form.

The decrypted data is then shown to you. You can modify or delete it and of course, you can add more data as you wish. 

All data entries are arranged on a per-site basis. That is, you create and organize your site entries -  Site1, Site2, so on.

Logout when you are done. All data is encrypted locally and only then it is uploaded to the server for storage.

LoginBooklet makes it simple and easy for you to avoid identity theft.. Use this service as often as you wish, from anywhere, anytime. See also DataSafety

(*): Applet requires Java™ to be installed on the local computer. The dashboard is certified by a third-party certification authority (Comodo). This is for your own safety and security.

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